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Start your Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program


Here's how to get started with your Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Program:


1. Use this site's Contact Form to email me and tell me of your intention to begin the MNB program. (You can also purchase general health coaching sessions separately from the MNB program. For information about health coaching sessions, either with or without doing a hair test, please refer to #7 below.)


2. Make your payment of $750. Cash, PayPal, and check are all options. There is a $50 charge for all returned checks or declined credit cards.


3. Fill out the New Client Form to begin your MNB program. This form is available for downloading in the Forms & Resources tab. Complete and sign the New Client Form and email it to me as a PDF. (If it is not emailed to me as a PDF it will not be accepted). When I have received your New Client Form, I will mail you a hair test kit with easy instructions. Tell me if your hair is color-treated. When you get the kit, clip your hair sample according to the simple directions or request your hairdresser or a friend to do so. Please be sure your hair has naturally dried for at least 4 hours after washing before clipping. Cut close to the scalp, as directed. Then, mail the hair sample back to me in the envelope provided with the hair test kit along with your payment. When I receive your hair biopsy, I will submit it to Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL) for analysis. (A hair sample is regarded as a soft tissue biopsy by the government.)


4. When the laboratory analysis is finished, I will go over your tests with another advanced practitioner so that together we can determine the best recommendations based on your laboratory results. We will finalize your report and make diet and supplement recommendations based on the laboratory findings. I will contact you and set up a phone appointment. Before this appointment, I will mail you a full lab report with your test results. I will also mail you a printed explanation of your laboratory results. We will connect by Zoom, FaceTime  or phone at an agreed upon time. When we have our hour-long appointment, I will discuss your laboratory results with you, review your diet recommendations, explain your supplement program, and assign you an account number so that you can directly call Endo-met Laboratories to order  your supplements. You can also set up your own link with Endo-met on your first call with them if you prefer to order online in the future. Do not order any supplements until after our consultation. (Do not order online without a personal link made for you by EndoMet, as there are a number of fake EndoMet sites online now made by scammers.) You will follow your diet and lifestyle recommendations, and take your Endo-met supplements for 12-14 weeks. This is the amount of time it takes for your mitochondria, your cells, your body to adjust and make beneficial changes in response to your personal program. At the end of 12-14 weeks, you will contact me for a retest hair kit to retest your hair. The only two fees you pay are the test/retest fee of $880 per test (which includes all laboratory testing and analysis, your detailed printed reports, our 1-hour consult and a follow-up appointment) and the cost of your supplements. Most of your supplements for the MNB program come from Endo-met Laboratories, but there may be a few you are directed to buy elsewhere. Endo-Met Labs is the laboratory established to make all supplements for the MNB program. Dr. Paul Eck’s sons still run it. The supplements are of highest quality and cost considerably less than those you will buy off of a retailer’s shelf, since the lab sells them directly to you. If you desire additional phone or Skype appointments in between your hair tests, please see #8. below. If you wish to buy 2 HTMAs at the same time, the cost is $1,400. This discount works well for couples, a parent and child, or for someone who wants the discount to cover two complete hair testing cycles of their MNB program. Brief email access to me is always absolutely FREE during your MNB program, beginning from the date of our first consult. For longer questions, you can book additional coaching time.


5. Also included in your $750 fee is one half-hour follow up appointment with me by phone, to be done within 12 weeks of your hair test and initial consult.


6. For retests, please fill out the Retest Form. This form is available for downloading on the Forms & Resources tab. Complete and sign the Retest Form, and then email it back to me. As mentioned above, retests are scheduled every 12-14 weeks. Hair biopsy retests are evaluated and supplements and diet readjusted according to the laboratory retest analysis. Remember, it takes about 12 weeks for the hair shaft to reflect the significant changes in the body. Since the body is constantly changing, diet and supplements cannot remain exactly the same. No MNB program can be honored after 24 weeks, as too much change has occurred in the body and a new HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) will be legally required to accurately assess your needs.


7. Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching: I also offer general lifestyle and nutrition sessions for $400 for 80 minutes (this can be split into two 40-minute sessions if preferred) or a package of four 80-minute health coaching sessions for $1,450 (this can be divided into eight 40-minute sessions if preferred). Sessions are conducted by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime and must be used within one year of purchase date. This fee includes any research I do prior to the appointment as well as review of any existing laboratory testing you do with me. These sessions are ideal if you need additional support to follow your MNB program (if brief emails are not sufficient) or if you desire more in-depth protocols and teaching with the Vibrant Laboratories microchip testing and protocols I offer (see the “Wheat & Gluten” tab).

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