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How is Mineral-Nutritional Balancing done?


Below are the major parts of a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program. Together they constitute a complete program.


Please note that only a handful of holistic methods are part of the MNB program. Adding too many modalities can actually negate the positive effects of a carefully balanced MNB program. Some modalities such as most herbal methods, chelation therapy, hormone replacement, homeopathy, long juice fasts and others are either somewhat toxic, too yin ( a term used in Chinese medicine ), or simply not necessary.


Modalities used in MNB are:


1. A healthful lifestyle. Correction of basic living habits is perhaps the most important recommendation. Most people need more sleep and rest, and better eating habits. Other aspects of lifestyle are to limit exercise, to avoid toxic exposures and excessive sex, and to work on one’s belief system and thinking habits.


2. Specific diet. Following a non-vegetarian alkaline cooked vegetable diet is probably the most difficult. It is a critical part of every MNB program. The diet is adjusted either for slow oxidation or fast oxidation or a mixture of the two, based on periodic laboratory results of the client’s hair shaft. Some clients object to the strict diet, but as the weeks go by most realize that the closer they follow the diet, the faster their progress will be.


3. Specific nutrient supplementation. In almost all cases, the body cannot heal without the supplement program. Supplements from Endo-met Labs are recommended in a very precise and specific way based on laboratory readings of a client’s hair shaft. Generally, a small clipping of hair is analyzed every 3 months at Analytical Research Labs to determine the overall stress patterns in the body. All prescribed supplements are then based on the results of the laboratory hair analysis. Usually supplements are not based on symptoms alone. If they are, they are suggested in a way that balances the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios of each person. This individualized approach, based on specific laboratory results, makes MNB safer and more effective than most other nutritional approaches.


4. Coffee enemas. The effects of coffee enemas ( CEs ) are quite amazing. In most adults, they may be needed for a long period of time  to detoxify the liver and for many other purposes as well. They have a deep affect on the body. The CEs can greatly speed up progress and healing. For more information, see: The Coffee Cleanse (CEs are optional but highly recommended).


5. The mental exercise. The ONLY mental training recommended for MNB clients by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, the doctor mentored by Dr. Eck and to whom the MNB program passed after Dr. Eck’s death, is the meditation exercise taught by Roy Masters. Mr. Masters is a Jew and a Christian whose work can be found on the web, in iTunes, in the MNB material, as well as elsewhere. The meditation exercise focuses on sending energy straight down the body from head to feet in a powerful way. The exercise is safe, simple, grounding and non-denominational. More details are available in the article Meditation for Healing at the Dr. Wilson website, or a CD can be ordered directly from Mr. Master’s Foundation for Human Understanding in Oregon (1-800-877-3227 or


6. Near infrared sauna therapy. This is another safe, powerful and comfortable healing modality. With regular use, the near infrared sauna (or a single near infrared lamp) greatly reduces the load of toxic metals, chemicals and infections that everyone carries. It also relaxes the autonomic nervous system, assists cardiovascular health, and can drastically improve circulation, oxygenation and hydration. Please note that the near infrared sauna or single NEAR infrared lamp are not to be confused with far infrared. Using a near infrared sauna or lamp is optional but highly recommended. For the best near infrared saunas and lamps, go to SaunaSpace.


7. Foot reflexology. This is another safe and powerful therapy that can be done at home or by a trained reflexologist. It is described in the article Foot Reflexology.


8. Daily spinal twist. This is a simple self-chiropractic twist, also often taught in therapeutic Pilates, that is helpful for most people. Directions can be found in the article The Spinal Twist -- or by working with a certified therapeutic Pilates teacher, physical therapist, or chiropractor. (See for more information on therapeutic Pilates.)


9. Carrot juice OR wheat grass juice. While too much juice is not helpful, a little may be excellent for most people. Having either 10-12 oz. of fresh carrot juice or 1-2 oz. of wheat grass juice daily is generally recommended unless one feels too sensitive to drink it. A little raw vegetable such as daikon, radish, beet, cilantro or parsley may also be beneficial.

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