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Client Forms & Resources

Required forms and helpful resources for my Nutritional Balancing clients:


General Correspondence

  • Contact Form (online form): For initial contact and general email inquiries.

Required For New Clients

Required For Retest Clients

Resources For All Clients

vhHealth Newsletter Archive

*  Please note that a recommended diet may contain foods to which you have known sensitivities or allergies. Avoid these foods. For example: Some people may not do well with gluten, gluten-free grains, dairy, legumes, or eggs. If need be, we can test your body for allergies and sensitivities using the most accurate and sensitive blood tests in the world from Vibrant Laboratories. I am a legal provider for this lab and can send a phlebotomist to your location anywhere in the USA. Cost for this testing is separate from your NB program. I’d be happy to provide more information upon request. Vibrant Laboratories offers the most advanced microchip medical testing platform in the world. It is fully CLIA, OSHA, and HIPPA compliant.

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