Client Forms & Resources

Required forms and helpful resources for my Nutritional Balancing clients:


General Correspondence

  • Contact Form (online form): For initial contact and general email inquiries.

Required For New Clients

  • New Client Form (Choose PDF or Word download): Complete & sign, then email a completed PDF back to me.

  • Private Membership Agreement (PDF download): Complete & sign by hand, then send to me via physical mail.

Required For Retest Clients

  • Retest Form (Choose PDF or Word download): Complete & sign, then email back to me.

Resources For All Clients

vhHealth Newsletter Archive

*  Please note that the recommended diets may contain foods to which you have known sensitivities or allergies. Avoid these foods until you have spoken with me about them. For example: Some people may not do well with grains, dairy, legumes, vegetable oils, or eggs until they have built up a strengthened immune defense. It is best to avoid nightshades and wheat on the NB program.

If you’d like further reading information on these topics, I would be happy to provide you with resources.